If you love theology or want an in-depth description of our beliefs, we strongly encourage you to go check out the link below.  

With that said...

Wesley is a United Methodist Campus Ministry that serves students from the University of Central Florida, Valencia, and Seminole State College. Though we are a United Methodist Ministry we welcome, and have, students who come from different religious backgrounds. We have students who are United Methodist, Baptist, Lutheran, Catholic, struggling with their faith, agnosticism, atheism and so on….we strive to welcome everyone just as they are.

We strive to create an authentic worship space and community where all students can come and feel comfortable about their religious beliefs and their personal relationship with God. Our worship community is not afraid to share in seasons of struggles, questions, doubts, and joy. We believe life is messy and our faith should match the reality of a messy life.  Messy life filled with conflict is part of being human and we use that as an opportunity to stay united in Christ and help each other out through community.

But make no mistake about it, Wesley passionately seeks to worship Christ, believes the Bible is the authoritative Word of God, and strives to make a change in the world by imitating Christ.